Wind Turbine O&M

Here at AEC we are perfectly placed with our experience to install, service and repair a vast variety of different turbines including:

  • Evance/Britwind
  • Gaia
  • WES
  • Northern Power
  • Norwin/GWP
  • Vestas
  • RRB
  • ACSA

Is your turbine not on the list? Give us a call to find out if we can help your turbine achieve its maximum potential at very competitive prices.

With our service contracts that ensure we are on site, regardless of your location within 48 hours in 90% of call outs, we are 100% certain that our engineers will leave you with the added confidence that your turbine will be making you money! As one customer said, “there is nothing worse than having pound notes blowing past stationary blades!” and although we understand that wind turbines stop working every now and then for various different reasons, we aim to ensure that when it happens, we are on hand to resolve the situation in a prompt and professional manner. To give you even more satisfaction, if your turbine is internet connected, we can have our maintenance team to keep an eye on for you so if a problem does occur, we are on site before you even know there is a problem!

With over 450 happy customers serviced from our head office in Durham which is manned for 52 weeks of the year, we are confident that we can meet your demands.

If your wind turbine service contract is coming to an end, give us a call and find out how much you could save with our service plans, we are sure it won’t be time wasted!

AEC Wind Ltd are specialists in wind turbine servicing operating throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Don’t forget we offer a range of other wind turbine solutions including Wind Turbine Installation, Wind Turbine Repair, Wind Turbine Blade Inspection/Repair and Labour Only Wind Turbine Engineers.

Wind Turbine Servicing