Labour Only Packages

It is becoming increasingly more common for a wide range of companies to require an array of labour only solutions to support their wind turbine projects.

Our experience in the wind turbine industry means we can offer a range of labour only solutions quickly and efficiently throughout the UK, Ireland as well as throughout Europe and the Rest of the World.

Our highly skilled and fully qualified teams are in great demand and we have provided a range of teams skilled in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, banksman/slingers as well as complete installation teams.

For more information on how AEC can assist you with your next wind turbine project please give us a call or e-mail us directly.

AEC Wind Ltd are specialists in wind turbine engineering and management operating throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Don’t forget we offer a range of other wind turbine solutions including Wind Turbine Installation, Wind Turbine Repair, Wind Turbine Blade Inspection/Repair and Labour Only Wind Turbine Engineers.