Wind Turbine Sales

Since the reduction in the feed-in-tariff for wind turbines at the end of 2016, wind turbine sales have reduced dramatically, but we can assure you they are still a great investment!

Click below and see if we can help your business become a little more green whilst also securing energy prices and an income for the next twenty years and beyond.

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Wind Turbine O&M

At some point in a wind turbine’s life, it will require some form of repair. This could include a rotor blade, bearings or many other things. Any of these critical components will mean your turbine could be completely inoperable. By regularly servicing your wind turbine you can minimise any failure and downtime.

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Wind Turbine Repair

Should the worse happen and a major component of your wind turbine requires essential repair we offer a range of services to ensure the minimum period of downtime for your wind turbine. Available 52 weeks of the year our team engineers can be on-site in the minimum amount of time for wind turbine repairs.

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Wind Turbine Installation

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. About 40 per cent of all wind energy in Europe blows over the UK, making it an ideal country for wind turbines. Wind turbine installation requires multi-discipline engineering expertise and expert wind turbine project management.

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Wind Turbine Blade Inspection/Repair

As one of the UK’s leading specialists in wind turbine blade repair and servicing we can inspect and repair your wind turbines blades ensuring safe operation and wind turbine efficiency.

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Wind Turbine Engineers

Sometimes you just need a labour only package where you are supplied a wide range of highly qualified engineers and technicians to work on your own projects.

Whether it is electrical engineers, lifting supervisors or mechanical engineers we have can supply teams to support your project.

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